New Collisions - The Optimist
CD Art Direction/Design
I had worked with New Collisions before on their début CD. While that release got some great press, the band had a bit of a regroup after­wards. Dropping the “The” from their band name, and embracing a bit darker image, the change is pretty dramatic.

The artwork reflects that pretty directly, and is based on some of the lyrics from one of the songs. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to get that robin to hang out on that femur.
In addition to the CD pack­aging, I also designed a compli­mentary ad mat and postcard. One of my favorite parts of this project was using it as an exercise in pushing a typeface. I used Garamond exclu­sively for all the type, though I used several different weights and styles. If you start with some­thing of high quality, it’s amazing what you can do.

Materials shot by Tony Luong.