In the beginning of February, ten county schools were tasked with coming up with a T-shirt design for Bluffton University's Gospel Choir. The design needed to incorporate the director's favorite word "Dzüge" but other than that designers were free to roam with the design. From the beginning, I wanted the emphasis to be on the physical Bluffton University. After doing some research, I wanted the shirt to incorporate Yoder Recital Hall, a recital hall with 300 seats located in on campus.

One of the staples on the hall is the organ in the back of the stage. This inspired me to use the organ as part of my design.
This is one of my original mocks; however, I knew I had to refine the design.
Eventually, I decide on the logo below.
It was an unbelievable honor to have my logo and design picked for Bluffton's Gospel Choir.
Thanks for your support.