This project includes a series of edits for a Trifecta Poster Series made for my Graphic Design class. The focus was on trans-inclusive feminism. There are many variations, as this series went through many different edits and revisions.
Below is the final result of the finished series (at the bottom of the posting is individual postings of each image). After the final results, the process is shown from first draft until the final draft.
Below is the original poster, created as an individual piece. Based on suggestions during the critique, as well as the added assignment of making a poster series, new edits were later made to this image.
Below is the first set from the series, both in trifecta "form" and individually. This includes the edits made to the original "stand alone" poster.
This image below was a considered edit for the edited "stand alone" image. However, I decided on the one with text instead of weapons. It had a stronger overall composition and focus. It also fit in a trifecta series with better flow.
This next set is the second draft of edits to the series. Specifically where the second and third poster were edited.
This drafted set is closer to the more finalized version. I altered the arrangement of the series, as well as altering what is now the middle poster.
This draft is the final set from the series, both in trifecta "form" and individually. It involved minor edits to the first and middle poster, in order to clean edges and better the overall image/composition.