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there is perhaps no greater honor than to be asked to update a brand you created, well, maybe apart from being asked to spit bucket duty on the beyoncé tour, but that's beside the point. the point is that the good people at YELO SPA had to move from their current location, in the shadow of the hearst building to the much more appropriate neighborhood of such luminary brands as tiffany, louis vuitton, chanel, dior and breitling. which is when we jumped in and offered not only to design the new space, on the 12th floor of the incredible art deco building at 5 east 57th street but to also revive the message and look of the brand. below are our team's effort!
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nicolas ronco, founder and ceo of yelo spa, describing the night thus:

“Thank you so much for coming out tonight, we're so happy you could make it.

It has been a long and hard but also an incredible journey to our brand new location right here on 57th street between 5th and Madison Avenue.

And not just incredible for yelo's talented teams of designers and therapists and hosts who have worked so hard to make this dream happen. Not just for our amazing customers, investors, partners and friends to whom we are so thankful to have followed us and be here tonight. But incredible for me personally as well.

You may not know this but yelo's journey started with a panic attack...And a conversation with my cousin Stefan.

I wasn’t expecting it when it first hit me, while having lunch at my grandmother’s, as I realized that every job I had ever held was not the job I ultimately wanted. I had to stop imagining work as a personal obligation and instead view it as a process of human life, in which we all do our part. Mine, I always felt, would be to try to heal people from the unhealthy things we do to ourselves. But I also knew that you don’t improvise yourself as a healer. I needed to start with myself.

That’s why I took time off 15 years ago and traveled around Asia where I found a culture embracing of balance as a mean to achieve better, not more, a point of view that had been missing from my gradual rise on the corporate ladder. I was taught to breathe again, to see again, to hear again. I was also told a new way to be alive. I also understood that if you take life as a sprint, it will be pretty short... I discovered my own way.

That is why I created YELO. To help people see life as a marathon. A marathon in which we learn to pace ourselves. A marathon in which we learn to push ourselves. A marathon where the most important thing is to get to the finish line, alive. And beautiful.

Yelo was never meant to simply be a place to get a massage or a facial; truth is, there are thousands of places one can go in New York city for that... in fact, what I always wanted was for Yelo not to be a place at all but a way, if for a few minutes, an hour maybe in our busy world, to feel alive and beautiful again. that is why we're here, that is why we exist, that is our mission. and the reason why, today, I am so incredibly proud to present to you the second phase of that mission which is so dear and important to my heart: Yelo 2.0!

The place we are opening today feels like home to me. In fact I’m thinking of moving in after this party. I think you're really going to love it as much for what we have refined as for what we have eliminated. Good design was once defined as how things work, not how they look. For this Yelo 2.0 we decided to eliminate the unnecessary.

As you can see we have no more reception desk, we replaced with real people that actually sit next to you and ask you real questions such as how are you feeling today? We eliminated the unnecessary divide.

We also eliminated the typical spa menu. All these complicated and pseudo exotic names. Do they help you make a choice related to how you really feel? What about just choosing three categories such as massage, skin care and sleep? We eliminated the unnecessary choices.

We eliminated a lot more such as paper, absurd water usage, confusing spa pricing. I could go on and on but you’ll have to experience for yourself. We replaced all that with love and attention to You.

See, we believe that revolutionizing a category requires bold moves. We have declared a war on the complacency of the spa industry. We believe that spas as we know them are yesterday’s news and that we need to be people, together, helping each other when we can, cultivate and grow, mindfully, inevitably, alive and beautiful. We believe that this is what produces a strong brand with a strong following.

In the spirit of elimination I’m also going to stop talking and let you enjoy the space and the party.

There is a lot more to come from yelo but thank you for being here at the beginning! Have a wonderful evening.”
...and the people are listening.
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yelo spa 02

yelo spa 02

there is perhaps no greater honor than to be asked to update a brand you created, well, maybe apart from being asked to spit bucket duty on the b Read More