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    Online platform housing Vancouver neighbourhoods and serves as a hub for all things 'in your area'
What's happening Vancouver?

Web Design  |  App Design  |  UI

The problem
A need for an online neighbourhood guide

The website
The conversational tool of Vancouver

I've created visuals for an online platform that houses all Vancouvers main neighbourhoods and an easy to navigate way to find everything you might want to know. This is for locals and tourists alike who are looking for a local and active scene. The conversational search function gives users a more personal experience and will have the ability to learn behaviours over time.
The website
Your neighbourhood, on the go

There platform also provides a app that utilises your GPS to suggest events, food or shops to visit that may be of interest to you. The idea is that the platform will eventually be self populating and feed off other sources online and become a hub for Vancouver culture.