Special Events & Programs Guide 2016-17

Bok Tower Gardens, publication design

This issue of our programs guide began with a challenge: members and visitors appeared to be uninformed about all the events Bok Tower Gardens hosts throughout the year. So we took a look at our three major tools used to communicate with them.

First, our email newsletters. And the survey results show these are a very effective means of communication for us and our members. Timely information delivered to those who are most interested. No major revisions necessary.

Second, our Facebook page. This is an undeniably important communication channel, continually growing, and evolving its unique personality. We recently grew our department by one person so this channel of communication can receive the proper attention.

Finally, our printed programs guide. Many industries are feeling the effects of our digital-heavy culture. But for some brands, printed collateral is still very important to the audience. This is one of those instances. We asked our core group of volunteers and members what they thought of our previous programs guide.

From their feedback, we distilled a few key things. We would redesign the guide with big, bold dates, big bold headlines, short, concise descriptions, clear divisions between different events, and a pocket-handy size.