The Garden Path Spring 2016

Bok Tower Gardens, publication design

This is a recent issue of Bok Tower Gardens' The Garden Path magazine. This publication is produced and delivered to members, donors and other organizations that are highly involved in Bok Tower Gardens' programs, events and mission.

Like many in-house magazines, this is a work-in-progress. Each issue has built on changes to the previous, always trying to become more perfect. This is the first issue to introduce what we've called "photo spreads." The best asset of most gardens is their beauty. I had long since believed our members would like more color, more photos, less text. That's not to say less content. Just simpler. Fewer words. Less = more.

At the time of publication, we're on the verge of opening all these new gardens within our larger garden campus, there's just so much to see and talk about. The exercise we followed in this issue was to really brainstorm what our members craved to know. It's easy to end up with 20+ pages of state-of-the-union-style updates, and I want this to be more than that.

Previous issues of The Garden Path contained 5 or more articles per page. During the planning stages, we scaled this back to target 2 articles, 3 at the most. In addition to this change, we would incorporate at least 2 "photo spreads." These spreads contain only a single, short article.

In the end, even with less words per page, our readers feel more connected to our brand than from any previous issue.