HR Tech World Paris

The HR Tech World Paris conference’s main stage was designed by WYN.DESIGN (former Mobilsofa Design Studio). One of the stations of the world’s biggest HR show was organized in Paris, where speakers were of leaders of fast growing and innovative enterprises such as BlaBlaCar, L’ Oréal and Oracle. For this event, it was essential to create a monumental and theatrical stage, which could become the symbol of the conference, immediately recognizable on photos and videos, and encouraging attendants to share it on social media - at the same time the stage needed to be easy to construct and to not take the attention off the speakers during the show.
Based on the key visual elements of the conference the designer team created a stage visual built of origami-like, tringle-shaped figures. These figures’ monumental elements surrounded the display area and the stage, which could be reached by walking through lamellae. The perspective layout of the opening triangles is enhanced by video mapping, which expands the structure and creates the illusion of infinite space. 
The built elements complemented by video mapping allowed the stage to function in continuously changing conditions. During the opening ceremony of the event attendees experienced a fascinating show, while during the presentations the stage visual became more moderate to emphasize the built elements of the structure. The monumental triangles served as additional projection surfaces during the talks – hence were not only communicating the conference’s brand, but served as functional elements too.​​​​​​​
“It was important for us in the design process to not only create a decorating element but define the whole stage visual itself”, say the designers of Mobilsofa. “The projected content built of polygons, the presenters appearing from between the lamellae and the podium built of triangles were all part of a well-planned choreography harmonizing with the event’s branding. We try to follow this integrated mindset in case of all of our projects: The way the function and form have to create a unity; the furniture, decoration, graphic surface and video content need to strengthen each other and create a coherent outcome. 
The monumental stage visual contributed greatly to the huge success of the annual Paris conference, fulfilling its function completely – so prove the shared pictures and posts under #hrtechworld on all social media platforms.
project info: 
name: HR Tech World Paris 
design agency: WYN.DESIGN (former MOBILSOFA Studio)
production company: MOBILSOFA

location: Palais de Congres, Paris, France 
completion: 25-26 October 2016 

stage design & concept: Tamás Boldizsár
design team: Hella Sarnyai, Orsolya Horváth, Beáta Zaharcsenkó, Máté Mohari
structure & setting: Máté Mohari
videomapping concept & animation development: Zsiga Bernáthy

project management: Zsófi Sályi, Hajni Lénárt
HR Tech World Paris