11th Dubai International Sports Conference

Our studio participated in the 11th Dubai International Sports Conference in partnership with Kraftwerk Middle East and Driving Force. Our team was responsible for the graphic and set design, Kraftwerk was assigned for the videomapping content and animation development, and the stage production also. The 2-day event in Jumeirah Madinat Resort gives place for the Globe Soccer Awards gala every year, announcing the best player of the year. This year’s award winner was Cristiano Ronaldo.
The wide LED screen is the main component of our stage, complemented with a 3D wireframe made out of polygons. Our inspiration was the outstretched surface of the classic football. Between the frame elements a special web is „stretched out”, it is translucent to the eye with its fine structure, while we concentrate on the content of the LED screen. However with the mapping this web structure would turn into an interactive display with 3D solutions.
Previous concept versions
project info: 
name: 11th Dubai International Sports Conference, Dubai Globe Soccer Awards 
design agency: WYN.DESIGN (former MOBILSOFA Studio)
stage production company: Kraftwerk 
location: Jumeirah Madinat Resort, Dubai, UAE 
completion: 27-28 December 2016 

creative direction: Bálint Füleki 
stage design & concept: Tamás Boldizsár 
design team: Zoltán Fehér, Tamás Boldizsár 
structure & setting: Máté Mohari 
graphic concept: Dezső Gyarmati 
videomapping content & animation development: Kraftwerk 
project management: Hajni Lénárt, Lili Pammer-Zagroczky 
photography & video: Barna Erdész
11th Dubai International Sports Conference