This is another product from the Biotebal range by Polpharma. It was designed for women interested in improving the appearance and conditions of their eyelashes. This is a specialised serum which effectively lengthens, thickens and strengthens both eyelashes and eyebrows. It contains active components of great effectiveness.
Our job was to design packaging for this product.

In this project, we follow up our graphic formula developed previously for Biotebal hair products. We combined a rational message with an emotional one in a well-balanced way. We developed the informative content in the form of matter-of-fact, clear infographics, composed with photographic illustrations of the product’s great effects.
Consistently for the entire Biotebal range, the cosmetic and medical purity of white is combined with the elegance of purple. The finishing used in the printing process – hot stamping and spot varnish – is another quality refining the design’s graphic economy.
This kind of design of the packaging clearly lends credence to the product’s quality and value.
Biotebal lashes XXL