the task:
Naked Blue Wine is a self-initiated project for a fictional greek blue wine brand. The target group are modern, active woman under 40.

the context:
Blue wine is growing in popularity but still relatively rare. The idea was to create a brand that will make it a summertime refreshment party drink.

the brand personality:
Playful, witty, amusing - it has to represent relaxation and fun in summertime. Naked Blue Wine is intended to be the surprising summer drink for pool parties and girls nights. It has to be simple and elegant but not exclusive.

the approach:
Delicate and witty illustrations are a direct metaphor of diving into fresh, cold pool water. The main idea was to create a dynamic logotype that can be adapted to each product. The letters and woman character create a unique composition that is different on each type of wine, creating the illusion of floating in the water. Letters can be straight or rotated, giving them even more dynamism - like bubbles in sparkling wine. The woman character has exaggerated body proportions to echo the bottle shape. Nudes represent ease and freedom and are a direct connection to the brand name. The characters seem peaceful and relaxed.
The logo can be developed in endless versions: The circled letters are guiding the eye of the reader. It can also be used in a simplified version with the letters „N” and „B” alone, in circles.
The range of products can be extended in a variety of blue shades with various swimming poses and letter compositions.
Naked Blue Wine


Naked Blue Wine