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    Architecture renovation of a design school in the middle-east.
CAAD Renovation 2009
Scope of Work: Project Mgmt, Programming, Design, Interior Design, MEP Coordination, Relocation, Tender Mgmt, Construction Mgmt, Furn +Fixt +Equip, Occupy/Move In
The College of Architecture, Art and Design (CAAD) was originally built in two phases. The first building was a non-descript classroom building, the second was an open plan, creating a more dynamic space for student learning. The renovation of the first building was initiated to: A. regulate larger, more flexible studio spaces for shared learning, B. introduce a visual connection between spaces while retaining some of the security and acoustic privacy of the closed classrooms and C. create a unique identity suitable for a creative environment.

All architecture design and tender docs were prepared in-house. Both functional and aesthetic changes were well received by students and faculty prompting a larger budget the following year to renovate the remaining spaces.

A. The atrium
Circulation, Collection, Review.
The atrium with monumental stair. This is the main entrance for the school, with lecture hall, public restrooms off the main floor.This insert photo shows the space before renovation.
View from the stair showing main entrance and classrooms on both floors.
Stair to basement showing glass wall skin hiding building services.
Circulation space used for jury review.
B. Classroom Transparency
The following images are examples of the transparency in classrooms and hallways which add a dynamic aspect to the building, showcase the work and creativity happening within, and connect activities within and without the classroom.
This lab is located in the corner of the building. Multiple transparent walls allow a view into the atrium, connecting this lab back to the dynamic center of the facility.
Glass door detail. a. Glass hardware. b. access control detail.