A dingbat font representing Baltic culture
BALTA is a symbol based dingbat font created to implement various design ideas. Font is designed with a special kerning allowing different letter combinations to create intriguing pattern designs. The primary feature of the font BALTA is its duality: when writing with spaces between glyphs we get separated baltic symbols, meanwhile writing without spaces creates hybrids of two the same or different symbols.
Thus, representing the unique baltic culture font BALTA enters the visual world and participates in hybridization of visuality where different forms interact with each other.

BALTA has 100 glyphs.
Each symbol was taken from authenthic baltic jewelry shapes, ornaments or decoration elements. Photographs are taken from the book "Art of the Balts", 2009)

Upper case
Lower case
Punctuation marks

Interaction between some of the glyphs
The duality of the font
Some of the letter combinations that create intriguing hybrid forms