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Emo is like any style, fashion or culture. The term emo is loosely associated with emotionally charged punk rock, however it originally meant emotionally hardcore - modern 'emo' music is more of a branch off from what it started out as.
A lot of times, Emo is associated with being bitter, depressed, insecure and resentful.
A bizarre wave of mob emo-bashings is sweeping across Mexico. The movement is being generated on message boards and social networking sites by non-emo youth who highly dislike like the emo look and attitude.
The spark came first in Queretaro on March 7 2008. An estimated 800 young people poured into the city's Centro Historico hunting for emos to beat the crap out of. They found some. The next weekend it spread to Mexico City, where emos faced off against punks and rockabillies at the Glorieta de Insurgents, the epicenter of emo social space in the capital. There's also been reports of anti-emo violence in Durango, Colima, and elsewhere.
The question on everyone's lips right now seems to be, "What the hell is going on?" Been reporting this story since it broke, and we're looking further into it. Updates in the near future.

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