Rimini - Latter years of the tourism

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  • The history of Rimini has had beginning from the beach.
    In order every year the fifty and sixty hotel construction industry was the carrying axis of an economy that depended more and more from the tourist monoculture. Years seventy and eighty to Rimini town are characterized for the years of maximum tourist outbreak.
    By many countries of the north Europe, Rimini was known for the beach, the numerous discotheques and for the crazy night life.
    At less than 10 years, the beach changes; the crisis and the Euro has transformed it and the caraibici travels, before unaccessible have returned it less interesting to the tourist.
    The bagnini, (worker on the beach, swimming instructors) of the Riviera Romagnola, are sure the personages more representative than that age in explosion.

    This is a series of portraits of those which they have lived from the beach, the "Gold Moment" of the Riviera Romagnola, when Rimini was "The city" of European tourism.

    Nicola Ókin Frioli ©

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