KIND brands the future of drones

KIND has developed the visual identity and overall branding for GRIFF Aviation - the world leader in ultra-high-end, pro-spec Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), or drones.

GRIFF Aviation’s technologies are built to handle the most demanding missions, from Law Enforcement and Military applications to Search And Rescue operations. The company’s initial range of products, the 125, 300 and 800 models, set a new industry standard in lifting capability: each numeric demarcation refers to the gross weight, in kilograms, that each UAS can carry.

Their technologies have also been approved by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority - a first for the UAS industry. They are also fully compliant with the latest European UAS build-safety regulations as stipulated by the European Aviation Safety Agency.


CEO and Creative Director of KIND, Tom Emil Olsen, said: ‘KIND focused on communicating the ultra high-end quality of GRIFF Aviation’s UAS systems. The technology that GRIFF Aviation has brought to the market is above and beyond anything that has come before. 

‘The griffin, which inspired the GRIFF Aviation name, is a legendary creature said to possess the combined strengths and qualities of a lion and an eagle. I am sure that, given the unique performance, qualities and benefits their systems possess, that the name GRIFF Aviation will soon become legendary in the marketplace as well.’

The obvious choice’
CEO of GRIFF Aviation, Leif Johan Holand, said: ‘When it came to branding GRIFF Aviation, KIND was the obvious choice. Our UAS systems are made to the highest possible standards, with performance that sets completely new standards. I have also had the pleasure of working with KIND extensively on the branding and identity of MagicAir - the only full-time aerial film crew in Norway - which I am also involved in.’

KIND ‘redefine expectations’
Leif added: ‘We needed a branding agency that could successfully communicate this while differentiating GRIFF Aviation as a true innovator. KIND are no different than we are in their field of expertise: their world-class designs and concept of ‘emotional branding’ redefine expectations when it comes to company profiling. They set new standards.

‘They surpassed our high expectations, providing us with a truly exceptional identity and brand after what was an extremely thorough, inclusive project. I look forward to our ongoing collaboration as we grow the GRIFF Aviation brand further.’
Concept and design by KIND

GRIFF AVIATION - Corporate Identity / Branding