Kind has developed the name, visual identity, storytelling and overall branding for the ambitious aquaculture company Glitne. The unique taste and structure of Snow White Halibut from Glitne® is formed by the deep, cold crystal-clear water of the Sognefjord. A fjord surrounded by high mountains and glaciers, with a long history of fisheries and rich mythology. This has provided the inspiration for our brand development and for the storytelling used in a major international campaign to market Norwegian halibut.

The unique taste of Snow White Halibut 
A special occasion. The neon lights of a big city, the buzz of traffic in the background, a restaurant with a view, background music and exclusive Norwegian halibut on the menu. Then the impression changes. A metamorphosis takes place. Like a glacier scouring its way down into old memories. The snow-white fish meat melting on your tongue. Your eyes closed. The taste of the Sognefjord spreads through your body. Phosphorescence blinking on the shiny surface, the rush of the waterfalls lightly tumbling into the cold water of the fjord. The smell of freshly cut grass and salty seaweed. No fish is whiter, no fish is firmer, than halibut from the Sognefjord. Nobody knows why this is so – it is a mystery. Perhaps it is because of the ice-cold and crystal-clear fjord water in which the salty Atlantic Ocean meets the melted glacier ice from the mountains. Or perhaps it is the distinctive natural formations steeped in myths and destinies.

No matter where you are in the world, the gourmet halibut from the Sognefjord will tell you where it comes from. You just have to enjoy the taste and listen to the stories about the glaciers that slowly transformed the landscape over millions of years. About the handsome god Balder and the ugly ogress, about the Vikings Sverre and Magnus who fought each other for Norway’s throne at the Battle of Fimreite. Balder and the shining fortress In Norse mythology, Glitne was the home of Forseti, the god of justice. The great hall at Glitne had pillars of gold and a silver ceiling. The fortress is said to have been a gift to Forseti from his father, the bright and fair Balder. Forseti is the grandson of Odin, the chief god in Norse mythology. Being the god of justice, Forseti would sit by the temple and act as legislator and judge in difficult matters. Both gods and humans would turn to him with legal problems, and Forseti usually managed to arrive at a compromise in difficult cases. But it was his father Balder who was associated with the halibut. People along the coast believed that the halibut was the personification of the mild and wise god Balder. The halibut, shrouded in myth, was ascribed the same qualities as Balder had: love, light, beauty and happiness. Balder is Odin’s son, and many speak highly of the beautiful, wise and eloquent, mild and helpful Balder.

'We have been working on sustainable land-based fish-farming since 2010. Today, our company delivers a completely unique product. We think about the environment, we use advanced technology, our products are of very high quality and our production takes place in one of the most beautiful places in the world.' 

'To make sure that the world would learn about and understand our product, we wanted to renew our brand and develop a new communication strategy. We therefore contacted Innovation Norway to seek advice from their brand specialists. They had one piece of advice for us: talk to the branding agency Kind. This advice has proved to be the best I've ever been given. Kind has given us great business advice, developed our new communication strategy, developed the new name and come up with some brilliant storytelling and a unique identity. They have quite simply developed our brand's DNA. Our experience is that Kind has taken all our ideas and visions and transformed them into one uniform profile that reflects everything we stand for. We aredelighted with the result, which has made it possible for us to reach a new and very exclusive market.'
Jan Brekke, CEO of Glitne

Packaging design
Packaging design for Glitne® Premium frozen loin of Halibut, Glitne® Smoked Halibut and Glitne® Whole Halibut.
Company brochure

Logo and pattern development
Idea and visual execution behind the distinctive Glitne pattern and logo

Concept Images
Art Director's sketches of concept images, created in the creative process.

Behind the scenes photoshoot
Concept and design by KIND
Glitne - Branding/Corporate identity