The Grid Game - A designers boardgame

- Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se. -   
Charles Eames

In a world of virtual connections, our games have gone digital. Gone are the sacred moments when we used to gather around a table and played with physical objects; Nowadays, few families keep this tradition alive. To bring back this ritual, board games need to adapt and evolve, be easier to understand, faster to start, interesting to finish and be able to engage people to keep playing round after round. 

Estudio Victor Aleman has designed The Grid Game by keeping all these essential features of an exciting board game in mind. We think it’s time like this we need to play board games again.

About the Game:

The Grid is a colorful board game that creates beautiful patterns as you play it. Based on the rules of the Dominoes, it is a mix between a puzzle and a strategy game. The objective is simple, play your tiles before everyone else, do it strategically to prevent your friends from using their tiles, for this to happen you can use your black tiles and lock parts of the game. At the end of the game you will have one of the million possibilities of patterns that you can create with The Grid Game.

Number of Players.
2-11 (You can add more grid games to bring more friends to play)

Time required
30 - 60 min

Recommended ages

The Grid Game creates beautiful patterns that you can show on your table once you have finished playing it 
How to Play

- Each player gets a number of tiles, depending on the number of players
- You have to connect tiles by color and height.
- In order to play a tile it has to touch two tiles at the same time
- There are special black tiles that serve to block further advance; no tile, even another black one, can touch a black tile.

Players take turns placing tiles according to these rules until no one can make another move, first one to use all his/her tiles, wins the game.
A game in development.
The Grid game has 88 tridimensional tiles with a mix of 6 different colors.
The details are the product itself.
Every possible combination between the six colors is created to have a unique tiles.
Production Details

The Grid Game was designed as a game with the capacity to engage people by it’s aesthetics achieved by the material, shape and colors. To achieve this, we experimented with different material and processes of manufacturing searching for the most efficient material that meets our expectations in terms of presentation and ease to use. After three years of research and development and a lot of prototypes we found the perfect material to create this board game. 
We use Vanguard materials to create The Grid Game
Our CNC Machining technique warrants the superb quality of our tiles.
Each set of tiles is hand assembled
Color is a principal component in our production
To deliver this game we designed a beautiful box that contains the 88 tiles
Our tiles are beautifully arranged in its box.
The Grid Game - A designers boardgame

The Grid Game - A designers boardgame

The Grid is a colorful board game that creates beautiful patterns as you play it. Based on the Dominoes, it is a mix between a puzzle and a strat Read More
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