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    Loopita / Chaise Lounge for two.
“There is nothing more full of pleasure than a good conversation.”

Loopita (la más bonita)
Is a unique design that takes seating a step further. The Loopita is more than just a conversation piece; it has been conceptualized as the notion of a space where people interact, becoming a semi-intimate lounge for two, creating a seductive concept that intrigues people with its simplicity and exquisiteness. Loopita addressed the Mexican furniture design in an innovative, fresh and creative way.
Loopita is the social chaise longue, a place where you share a view, a book and a moment with a friend. Design thinking applied to create experiences by objects. Designed as a space for conversation, creating a public and private space at the same time. Through creating a sculptural and symbolic shape we generate an emotional object . 
Loopita lounge chair has been published in several books and magazines distributed all over the world. It has conquered exclusive clients hearts with its exquisiteness and luxurious design. Prestigious hotels and architects abroad currently select this piece to complete their decorations; some examples of this are, the 2012 Cannes Festival in France, where Loopita was selected as a key object of the whole decoration, the Trump Ocean Club - Panama with a 4 Loopita connection to create an amazing space in the Pool bar and the Comex group in Mexico city that used 3 pieces to ilustrate the next color design trends at Expo Cihac.