Flowers | Revisited
Back to The Future
We return last time to our past self-promo: Sunflowers, designed somwhere in the begining of 2007 for Valentine's Day. That was very fine job, which we like because people like it too and we did it in co-operation with our friend Robert Sauer, the photographer from Cracow, Poland. We like it also because some stories round this project, like this one about our probes to find sunflowers on the market in the middle of snowy Winter in Poland with minus 20 grades of Celsius everywhere, a day before V-Day. Mission impossible, so why we have had to use exactly only one sunflower, which was founded.

Today we return to this job to revisit it, remove some minor mistakes, we did in the past and try to do something new for the future with the base in the past.
By the way we prepare this new project as HD 1920x1080px wallpapers, ready to use. For download this wallpapers go to our Facebook fanpage and find the links, we left for you.

Original project from the past
Some minor errors are a snip!
Revisited project is a good opportunity to check on-self, how much good an artist is today, it's a snip to find, not only the errors in old project (and of course remove it), but, especially, it is the snip to confront contemporary knowledge with this one from the past.
Project Revisited
We prepare by the way another wallpaper self-promo especially for this Summer, in Polish & English version, ready to download from our Facebook fanpage of course... We hope you will enjoy & use our wallpapers!