Creative Concept of Eurovision Song Contest 2017 (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Creative Concept of Eurovision Song Contest 2017 was developed for national open contest. The Concept had been considered during two stages of contest, but didn’t get to the final.
The main goal of concept is to transmit unique Ukrainian style inspired by art of Maria Prymachenko.
Sublogo and and motto “Dare to bloom” are based on Prima Maria’s brand style.
Prima Maria is an art-brand based on the art of Maria Prymachenko, created and owned by Art Nation.
Main element of sublogo is floral wreath, powerful and harmonic symbol of unity.
While working on the project several other concepts were created. But the team considers that the black one is to similar to aesthetics of previous Eurovision Song Contests and the green one has not so powerful symbol as the final one.
Among the incredible beasts of Prima Maria brand were chosen the most positive and well-known ones.
Characters and elements of sublogo were used for the Contest’ identity, apparel and streets of Kyiv
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