This project was made in the agency By in 2016.

Graphic Designer: André Portugal
Creative Director: Joana Dionisio
Account: Patricia Raposo
Production: Romana Vidal, António Madaleno
The Master in Finance (MIF) at CATÓLICA-LISBON is designed for experienced professionals who want a high-level career. 
This year, the brochure needed to express a high status and a different approach while keeping the same look & feel of the previous brochures. 

The Idea
In order to express this relevant status we appealed to one of the five senses: the touch. 
This brochure presents a exquisite paper with a classical fine texture and a embossing representing a tringular net, where everything is connected. This geometric form is a part of the identity of CATÓLICA-LISBON.

The target are professionals in the area of finance, so we wanted to offer clean and premium elements.
The vibrant colors that dominate the pages are according to the  communication universe of CATÓLICA-LISBON with a minimal attractive uplift.

The result was a premium and classical brochure, with a elegant touch.