This project was made in the agency By in 2016.

Graphic Designer: André Portugal, Joana Dionisio
Creative Director: Joana Dionisio
Account: Patricia Raposo
Production: Inês Duarte, Romana Vidal, João Ruas
The Lisbon Consortium is a partnership between the Masters and Doctorate Programs in Culture Studies of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa and diverse cultural institutions located in Lisbon.
We were challenged to update and refresh this year's brochure and to communicate a better look and feel through a new format. 

The Idea
We started by restyling the piece maintaining the same culture and values of the previous brochures. 

The target of this piece is closely connected with the cultural world and has a profound sense of aesthetics. Therefore, we've added minimal yet daring innovations to the brochure, while keeping it simple and clean. Embossed printing on the cover is one of these, adding a 3D effect on the eyes and a special sensation on touch.

The result is a piece with a new format, neutral colors and a modern approach - a bold look, while keeping it credible and classic.