Land Shark Stadium

Bringing the Land Shark brand to life in Miami's NFL stadium.
The Land Shark Stadium Logo on the Signage at the west end of the stadium. The logo design incorporates the iconic Land Shark fin and palm tree art with distinctive architectural elements from the stadium.
The large public area on the main plaza level was renamed the Fin Zone. TOP IMAGE: The final approved comp for the build. LOWER LEFT: Photo of the actual build on Game Day. CENTER RIGHT: A view inside the bar area. LOWER RIGHT: The stage at the far end of the Fin Zone.  
The Island was a VIP hospitality area for Anheuser-Busch guests created inside one of the spiral ramps near the Fin Zone area. TOP IMAGE: The comp for the build. LOWER LEFT: The final build featuring a large branded scrim and brand graphics. LOWER RIGHT: The Island corrugated metal sign.
A large deck on the upper level of the stadium became The Sand Bar. TOP IMAGE: The comp for the large bar at one end of the deck. Due to Miami hurricane code, the flags were eventually dropped from the build. CENTER LEFT: the original tiki hut bar. CENTER RIGHT: The final corrugated metal roof and weathered wood bar structure. LOWER LEFT: The comp for a small bar at the large wall at the opposite end of the deck. LOWER RIGHT: The final build designed to look like a beach shack bar.