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    Rubber bands, mousetraps, and a 3D printer.
We were tasked with the development and iteration of a vehicle to make two self-propelled rounds around a track with a variety of requirements, including:

-Powered using only provided mousetraps and rubber bands (no external springs, motors, or other propulsive materials)
-Cannot be touched/adjusted between initial release and completion of track
-Must complete two full circles around marked path on the ground
-No prefabricated materials more complex than basic building materials

We considered and tested a variety of design choices.
For example, the initial prototype of the body was made out of wood.  After testing, a CAD model for a chassis was created, and the file was sent to a 3D printer.  Additionally, we 3D printed wheels and milled axle.  After considering several methods of propulsion, we decided on the mousetrap being set up, the end being attached to the rubber bands, and the bands in turn being wound about a axle attached to the wheels.

Course: Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

Varun Gadh
Kai Hernandez
Felipe Oropeza
Alex Sun