Stove-top Espresso Maker
Meet Mikey - he's all about the coffee.

User profile - Mikey is a lover of good coffee: fresh espresso from quality beans. He doesn't have the budget or space to justify an espresso machine at home so every morning he grinds beans and uses a stovetop espresso maker. It's fast, functional and cheap, but it could be better. Bodum and Bialetti dominate the home coffee market with their respective stove top espresso makers. 

Brief - Design an innovative low-cost espresso maker, taking into account the frustrations with current market offerings.
Initial Concepts
Better Function. Easy to Clean. Improved Ergonomics. 
Some of the key functional issues of the traditional stovetop espresso makers included:

- uncomfortable to use
- difficult to clean
- easy to burn oneself

With these issues in mind, I explored new ways of looking at the products' function and utilised recognizable shapes and forms from the coffee industry.

Concept Development

Form refinement.
Illustrator and Photoshop were used to refine the product shape and color. I wanted the form to have a minimalist and timeless style.
Advancements in anodizing processes allowed two tone explorations with the final color placements highlighting how the product comes apart.
Fine hardwood was used for the handle for its ability to remain cool to the touch.
Final Design
The stove-top 'Espresso Kettle' is a simple, iconic and elegant solution for brewing fresh coffee grounds quickly at home. The Espresso Kettle comes in two color ways.

Black on white anodized aluminium with a walnut handle. 


Natural on black with an oak handle.

The glass lid allows the user to see when the coffee is ready. The curving internal corners and funnel lip make clean-up easy. Available in 3 sizes.