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    Portable Sports Therapy table designed for Professional Sports teams.
Alacer sports therapy table
Portable physiotherapy table for professional sports teams
I have played basketball at a professional level for 7 years and had plenty of injuries. While lying on a physiotherapy table before a game I realised the need for a fit-for-purpose sports table to handle the extremities of the sports environment.
Key Insights

Sports therapists carry cumbersome gear from the airport, to the team bus and then to the stadium. A fully packed table can weigh over 25kg causing strain on the therapists.

Presently, upholstered vinyl covers the exterior of the table and this gets ripped and torn over time due to lack of airport handling care and knocks in a busy sports team environment. Towels are used for hygiene and to protect the surface.

Performance Aesthetic
Currently the tables available on the market have been designed for day spas and massage parlours. There has yet to be a table designed specifically for the needs of sports therapists and athletes - a table that matches the performance aesthetics and functionality desired by professional sportspeople.

Surface development
Intuitive cushioning shapes were developed using common muscle groups, study of high use manipulation areas and pressure mapping. Cushioning material investigations led to the use of Technogel for its excellent pressure distribution and translucent appearance. Detailing on the table has references to the spine, abdominal muscles, shoulders and the rib-cage.
Color exploration
The individual teams wanted the tables to represent the clubs colours and branding. The gel shapes can be moulded in various colours to customize the table for the end user.
Solid modelling was used along side with prototyping to develop final forms and detailing of injection molded components.
Storyboard of intended product use in context
Final Product
The Alacer table has been designed for the unmet needs of Athletes and Sports Therapists around the world. End users demanded a table with performance aesthetics, durability and transportability in mind. The Alacer table is fit for purpose and a product that teams can customize by color choice.
• NZ Dyson Product Design Gold AwardWinner 2008
• NZ Dyson Peoples Choice AwardWinner 2008
• Best Awards Student Product Silver 2008