Madrid + Natural
Madrid + Natural
Client: Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Illustration, Branding, Motion Graphics
Illustration & Art Direction: Borja Acosta de Vizcaíno 
Assistant Designer: Pablo Cabrera Rodríguez
Script & Copywriting: Alejandro Fernández Mejías, José Martín
Motion Graphics: Álvaro Abrante
Music & Sound Design: Wood Cave Audio
Special thanks to Merche Negro, Luis Tejero & Juan Azcarate

Madrid + Natural is a project by Madrid's city council regarding the renaturing of urban areas. It's part of a bigger plan to combat and adapt to climate change. Madrid has a growing pollution problem. Madrid + Natural is Madrid's answer to these problems. A series of interventions throughout the city that include sustainable architecture for public buildings, vertical gardens, changes in the river's bankings and re-introduction of native fauna species.

Our role was to develop an identity for the project, including illustration style and a one-off video to explain the project to residents both in it's launch event and later on throughout social networks. We went for a hand-made felt illustration style, to emphasize it's naturalistic approach.
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Madrid + Natural