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Weapons | Amnesty International
A w a r d s   &   R e c o g n i t i o n s

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Early this year I was part of an Amnesty International campaign driven by Contrapunto BBDO. The main focus of the campaign was to to enhance the impacts of the report denouncing the sale of Western weapons to Saudi Arabia and its allies in the Yemen War, which since 2015 had already claimed more than 100,000 civilian deaths. Many of them in hospitals and schools.

We did it through a graphic campaign, eminently visual, that at a glance allowed to see what is seen and what is hidden from the arms industry.
Big Ben Building, London, UK.
Agbar Tower, Barcelona, Spain.
Orient Pearl Tower, Shanghai, China.
Chrysler Building, New York, USA.
Published in 20 Minutos newspaper (Spain, April 9th 2018)

Agency:  Contrapunto BBDO
Advertiser:  Amnesty International
Title:  Weapons
Creative General Director:  Carlos Jorge
Creative Direction:  Antonio Castillo and Lolo Ortega
Art Direction:  Antonio Castillo
Copy:  Lolo Ortega
Illustration Studio:  BADV Studio
Illustrators:  Borja Acosta de Vizcaíno
Brand Supervisor:  Ana Ester Martínez
Agency Production:  Gema Crespo
Customer contact:  Miguel Ángel Calderón
Animation:  Gotham Films
Weapons | Amnesty International
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Multiple Owners
Borja Acosta de Vizcaíno

Weapons | Amnesty International

An Amnesty International campaign showing at a glance what is seen and what is hidden from the arms industry.