Copywriting: Curators of Nostalgia This is the copy I wrote for our exhibition.
This is not a show…it's a vivid commentary on the social role and cultural politics of design in both contemporary and old fashioned.Within this visual landscape resonates the spirit of nostalgia with reckless abandon.An invitation to combat the crooked indifference towards the heritage that composes of everything, from the mama shops to the conduction of funeral customs. Ironically, for a country feverish for defining a culture of their own the air for breeding the like becomes stale with rampant modernization, based on the ineffective wisdom of bumper stickers, we lose the little aspects of identity, a lot more significant than Ris low. Here as architects of two-dimensional ambition we curate things far more meaningful.
 We curate spirit. We curate nostalgia. We curate.

I should stress that I did the copy only.The realization of these words onto the walls came about from my fellow talented classmates and lecturers.
Ella Zheng Meisi
Ivan Law
Thank you