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    A colourful children's book painted with ink and love.
Chloe: A Children's book
A painted storybook
Assigned a short story specific to urban legends within Singapore.In particular about a little girl that haunts the cinemas and stair cases in Cathay. Learning more about this legend from forums online, it states that this girl is mostly known for taking toys left behind on the staircase near-by. When dealing with an age range of this kind, it’s important to understand the level and nature of comprehension and interest that children possess. This would mean nothing to complex or even sophisticated. Kids like such raw, colourful, vivid imagery.Something that stimulates the mind to keep seeing and reading the content for this book. The medium chosen is rather rough through the textures acheived using a spray bottle finish that was taught during a workshop in class.The persona of the child chloe is portrayed in a very simple and abstract manner.Focusing on the key elements of her fondness of toys and movies.