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    Handmade papercut artwork for Esquire Philippines' July 2016 cover.
"Esquire Philippines took their July 2016 issue to discuss the most pressing threats to urban life in the Philippines: traffic. To illustrate the torturous state of the Philippines’ transportation, Esquire enlisted the help of John Ed De Vera, a Filipino artist who is better known on Instagram as @battery_full. De Vera used his unique style of paper craft to create an artistic translation of a common scene in urban Philippines, specifically Metro Manila—traffic jams, faulty trains, and general over-crowding, always made worse by bad weather. Inside, Esquire consulted with urban planners and motoring journalists for a feature on the state of traffic, alongside other automotive-related stories." - coverjunkie

Editor: Kristine Fonacier
Art Director: Paul Villariba
Photographer (Cover): Paul del Rosario

Here are some photos from one of my favorite projects this year.
Special thanks to Kara Ortiga for the opportunity!
Thanks Nikko Pascua for helping out with the photos and setup.
Cover photo by Paul Del Rosario
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