An ancient writing system re-typed
As early as 6000 BC, Filipinos developed and used their own writing script known as Baybayin.
Because of colonization, it was replaced with the Roman alphabet. Today, there is almost no trace of the writing script.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines reintroduces this forgotten piece of heritage with BayBayan – the Baybayin script integrated into the modern alphabet to become the very first font of its kind.
The Baybayin script, one of the Philippines' oldest writing system.
Phonetics matched, graceful strokes combined with a modern sans serif, and colors to differentiate to create geometric harmony.
From a writing script that was once a culture’s identity, the new font has been embraced by the institution as its new brand identity.
The font was used to launch the 50th anniversary of the Cultural Center of the Philippines, and is now present in the institution’s products, collaterals, and social media channels.
Visit to download the font.
CCP Baybayan