The quick, simple, fun way to health happiness.
Yonder is a comprehensive online, mobile, and social wellness platform powered by an employee-familiar UI/UX, compelling engagement tools, sticky gamification, a perfect blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, expert behavior change science, and proven clinical strategy. Yonder brings everything together in one simple solution perfect for all segments of today's cross-generational employee population. Yonder is the simple, easy way to health happiness for hundreds of thousands of employees...and their employers.
Yonder Launch Video
Create One-of-a-Kind Avatars
Everyone wants their own look. With literally millions of possible combinations, each user can create an avatar reflecting their personal traits or their desired “virtual” identity. Avatar options include numerous hair, skin, mouth, skin tone, apparel, facial hair (for men only) and tons of accessories.
Countless Journeys Visualize Your Progress
Yonder has dozens of visualized journeys for the initial platform release; new journeys will be pumped into the system on an ongoing basis, keeping progress interesting and fresh. And after every journey is completed, users receive a unique journey stamp that immediately shows up on their Yonder passport. “Been there, done that” now has a positive connotation.
Personalized Wellness Tasks
You don’t always do what you’re told. That’s why Yonder provides clinically prescribed activities that can also be “changed out” for other wellness-improving activities better meeting and fitting their individual needs and confidence levels at that particular moment. And when we say that particular moment, we mean it – Yonder is accessible all the time with our mobile ready platform.
Virtual Currency Drives True Behavior Change
We live in a virtual world. Through Yonder’s use of levels, stamps, unlocks, and other social game elements, our virtual currency drives continuing and increasing engagement. Think of Yonder as a turbocharged wellness loyalty program.
Private Wellness Tracker Helps You Reach Your Goals
People want to know. Our dynamic wellness tracker lets users know where they’re starting, how they’re improving and making progress. It also gives users the ability to track their own progress against others they might be challenging or following.
Promotional Mini Site
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Client: Kaiser Permanente
Agency: Kley
Creative Direction, Design, UI/UX: Brad Klemmer
Copy, Planning, Insights, Strategy : John Kelley
Illustration: Ars Thanea and Zach Piepmeyer
Video Production: Ars Thanea
Development: Derrick Schultz and Infosys
Kaiser Permanente's Avivia Health Group provides health and wellness products and services to large corporations to help reduce employee health care costs while also increasing employee productivity and retention. Kaiser recognized their products and services were not aligned with today's cross-generational employee population - especially their online and social behavior. They turned to Kley for help.

Kley architected, created, and developed a private social wellness platform founded in our deep understanding of today's cross-generational employee population and their motivators as well as the needs of corporate human resource and benefits managers alike.

Introducing Yonder. For Kaiser Permanente. Created and shaped by Kley.
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Kaiser Permanente's Avivia Health Group provides health and wellness products and services to large corporations to help reduce employee health c Read More