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    Here are some design from the Big Sky Youth Empowerment Bingo 1980s themed fundraiser. 
Here is some art from the  Big Sky Youth Empowerment Bingo fundraiser. The fundraiser always has a theme and last years was 80's rad. Bozeman locals get all kinds of dressed in costumes to party and win prizes. The event was a success, there was a huge turn out and we filled an MSU ballroom, and people got super rowdy. The costume winners were "Double Dare", but there were many good costumes. See photo below.

Being a product of the 80s and 90s, I used some ska checkers, neon colors, and an 80s looking graphic of Craig Kelly and his famous method. That was my personal shout out to my favorite snowboarder when I was younger, who died tragically in an avalanche. RIP Craig Kelly.

What's next? BYEP Bingo, Carnival Theme. Coming February 2017.