"Be the Next CoolCook"
Microsite Design
The LG CoolCook Competition was created by my partner Sara Collins and I to promote LG refrigerators as the new way for chef fanatics to be creative in their own kitchen at home. The idea was that people can be just as creative as the chefs they idolize on television with the LG refrigerators. Specifically the fans of the Food Network channel.

The consumer would follow the call-to-action located at the bottom of the "Create Your Masterpiece" print ads  leading them to the LG Creative Cooking Competition microsite—also known as CoolCooks.

The competition was for the consumer to take part in an 8-week national cooking competition that involved a set list of ingredients given through the microsite that they must create a "creative" recipe from.

The Catch: the recipe would have to be made without using any source of heat. The ingredients would only come from items you often find in your refrigerator.

The consumer would have to sign-up through Facebook, Twitter, or Email to gain access to the list. On the site they could create a profile, connect with other competitors, get updates on Food Network news and events, keep track with an active countdown, etc.

Each week one recipe would be chosen as a winner for that week. Each week's winner would be featured on the site with their recipe. By week 8 all of the winners would compete "chef-to-chef" to see who can create the most creative CoolCook recipe.

The winner's recipe would then be featured on the season finale of Food Network's Chopped.

Here is the link to the active site (Firefox is the best browser to use to view the site):