Chappaquiddick Beach Club
Website Design
The Chappaquiddick Beach Club is located in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. I wanted to redesign the website ever since I worked there last summer so when I had the opportunity to choose any site I wanted to redesign I knew right away what I wanted to do.

Here is the link to the active site I created (Firefox is the best browser to use while viewing the site):
Original Chappaquiddick Beach Club Logo
The logo is a very well known icon up there, however I wanted to give it some more personality that I feel represents the CBC more than the current one.
Redesign of Chappaquiddick Beach Club Logo
I wanted my design to be visually appealing as well as functional. Meaning I wanted it to be a resource members could use to further better their visit at the club. That's the reason for the Weather, Calendar and High/Low Tide Pages. Before the club opened the members could check and not only see if the club was going to be having events scheduled for that day, they could also check the weather and tides to see if they want to make the trip across the ferry.
Icons for Website Navigation
The navigation icons were designed to be large on the site due to the fact that this is a very old and family oriented beach club. By having larger icons, older members and children would easily be able to see the navigation and use the site without problems.
Index Page
Mission Statement Page
History Page
1883 History Page
1890 History Page
1930 History Page
1962 History Page
1962 History Page
1968 History Page
Weather Page — High Tide/Low Tide is also available on this page.
Calendar Page
Gallery Page — NOTE: NOT ALL of these pictures are from Martha's Vineyard.
Gallery Page Sample Photo
Employment Page
Contact Page