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    Reconstructions and portraits of prehistoric reptiles from the Jurassic and Cretaceous period.
Tyrannosaurus Rex profile. 
The giant crocodile, Deinosuchus with pterosaur. 
Some of these pieces are quite dated. This one of Allosaurus is from my university days, 2009. It was originally painted with acrylic onto canvas and then touched up in photoshop. Despite it having a presentable finish, I tend not to work like this anymore, due to tighter deadlines. This image alone took a few days to complete. 
Mosasaur : Platecarpus taking some air. Acrylic on canvas + photoshop. 2009

Ammonite , acrylic on canvas + photoshop. 2009
Tyrannosaurus Rex, acrylic on canvas + photoshop.  2009
Sea Monster's head : Kronosaurus Queenslandicus  
Minimalist image of Plesiosaur launching towards a shoal of fish. The bubble's suggest that perhaps something below stalks the Plesiosaur.
Last years Tyrannosaurus drawing re-visited. Male displays his mature facial colouring. Colour added in Photoshop. Dinosaurs are always more fun if you 'rave' them up a bit!