Each of the four instruments represents a different weather condition: the janggu represents rain, the kkwaenggwari thunder, the jing the sounds of the wind, and the buk clouds.
In 1993, Samul Nori expanded to include twenty performers, and changed its name to SamulNori Hanullim, Inc. ("Hanullim" meaning "big bang")
The brief was to make eyes hear the Korean folk music Samul Nori within a poster
My soulution became an abstract form for each of the different weather conditions in a balloon form thats expanding. This is also used by scientist to illustrate the "Big Bang".
The abstract form illustrates the soundwaves from each drum it represents in a expanding controlled shape.
the kkwaenggwari represents: Thunder (a small gong)
Buk Represents the Clouds (a barrell drum similar to thebass drum)
the janggu represents Rain (an hourglass-shaped drum)
the jing represents the sounds of the wind (a larger gong)