Oslo Public Library, formally known as the Deichman Library,  is the largest public library in Oslo, Norway.
It is the country's first and largest library.

The Challenge

A new main library will be built in 2017 and Deichman needs a new profile for the event. The new building is not only supposed to be a library, but also a multicultural meeting point with a broad selection of services for every citizen and tourist.

The Solution

Deichmans new logo plays on diagonal lines represented in Deichmans new building named "The Diagonal". Logo values are
accommodating, modern & innovative. The logo reflects two basic book covers that meet together for the formation of a architectional expression that will go well with the building. The circle represents deichman new media such as movies and music. The warm colours helps the building not to be such a cold a strict place and seems like a more accommodating atmosphere for visitors & tourists.

Logo & elements in the new library, coming in 2017.
Custom made typography with the concept of diagonal lines from the building.

Deichmanske library design manual
Classic typography used to have some of library roots still in place. The Library was established in the year 1785
Pictograms on the right used in the magazine.
Applications - The line pattern is taken from the logos warm symbol colors & the concept of diagonal lines.
Message notes
Three promotional posters for Deichmanske library.
From the left: Move section, Teenage section & Adult section.
Details in posters
Deichmans own magazine, coming once a month. Here are some of the Spreads...