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    Academic Project, 2009 Individual Final Concept The project was supervised by Dr. Boucharenc Christian.
The Family Product
Combination & Complementation

This product was conceived to celebrate and heighten appreciation to the oriental culture of eating, focusing on the imperative chopsticks, spoon and sauce.
Calculated detailing and design refinement resulted in the interesting and aesthetically pleasing form of the product.The height and surface transitions with various tapering details between the three elemental holders would bring about a new dynamism to the table it’s on.
The Interaction Between Elements

The design process showcased various design explorations of holders of three tableware elements. Working on how the holders complement with one another and how the placements of elements interact with one another. A final concept that allows intuitive placement of tableware elements was chosen. 

The placements of the three tableware elements on their respective holders also emphasize on their importance.