Design Team
Lead Designer: Lee Tze Ming
STUCK Principals: Donn Koh, Yong Jieyu
Design Team: Cheng Siew Ming
Designed by STUCK in Nov 2011 - Mar 2012. Launched in Jan 2013.
Please do not reproduce in any form or post on blogs without the expressed written consent from STUCK.
Internet TV and Cable Media Platform, for Lukup 2013
Industrial Design / Product Design / CMF / Internal Mechanical Design
A bold, new world of entertainment
We designed a radically new entertainment discovery experience. The Lukup player is a groundbreaking media player that is built to find content across traditional and cutting-edge media.
A Radically New Entertainment Discovery Experience

The Lukup media player ties the fragmented ecosystem of live TV, cable subscriptions, video on-demand services, personal and social content into a single discovery platform. This radically disruptive model of entertainment, needed to be paired with a device which represented the brand and offering in a bold, new way. 
A Single Discovery Platform
We partnered with Lukup to design an iconic media player that could represent the brand and disrupt a market saturated with mysterious black boxes. From the self-docking magnetic remote, to the elemental, modular aesthetic, each touchpoint was carefully considered to develop function and experience in tandem.