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    These are render practices - some from tutorials, some just personals, which resulted in decent or interesting images.
Personal Render Projects
Client: me; done to further my knowledge & skill set with Modo
I'm very happy with how this one turned out - a faux product shot which fooled a professional photographer - until he noticed the iPad screen image is backwards!
Long and complex tutorials for these two interiors - absolutely top-notch tuts, I might add (thanks Yazan!) which made the process of learning Modo's shader tree system far simpler and clearer. These scenes came with all geometry, but I did indeed do all texturing and lighting.
Just for fun
Here I was playing with a method to create good water drops on the cans' surfaces without modeling the water - no fluid dynamics needed - using a fur shader - works pretty well overall.
Working through a texture painting tutorial and happy with my results.
Playing with luminous polys & replicators - there's actually only one sphere in the scene - the replicators drive rotation, scale and emitted light color to get variety at render time.
This was me trying for product-shot level quality, as with the iMac & iPad: I think I got it.
These images of Salk Institute were rendered by me, after some lighting and materials tweaks - I did not create the model, and in fact downloaded it to learn how the modeler in this case did what he did.

Wonderful materials and render setup... I learned a lot and added to it: kudos and thanks to "Sample4" from the Luxology Forums

These are very similar to two earlier renders I did from tutorials - I did do all texturing and lighting on those as well - but these redux I tweaked both lighting and materials to get far faster renders whose tones i prefer.
Couple of videos - one showing the use of Modo 601's recoil physics engine to generate curtain flaps with turbulence and a force, the other prior to my upgrading to Modo 601 was the use of animated procedural displacement maps to generate animated water wave motion - it's a short loop, but it was just a proof of concept.
Playing with new Non-Photo Real rendering tools in Modo 601 - I'll post more of these as I develop them
This was part of an effort to streamline both time and expense to develop from an extant model's materials (improving those materials as needed versus switching all out for higher quality materials) with a goal not of absolute photo real, but rather real-enough for now. My labour on this was ~12-14 minutes, render time was high due to high GI quality & high bounce value (really helps interiors) so final render time was ~ 4 minutes. I will post more in this quick/low-cost/low LOD series as time permits.