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    This is the design process of a battery charging device that enable one to generate energy while jogging.
Walk Charger
Energy produced while walking
Objective of the project:
To design a manual battery charging device. The idea was to use walking/jogging to charge batteries which may be used for other applications.

The technology explored for this was a dynamo and a solenoid.

Product Positioning: Trendy Fitness Product.
Targeted at those who jog regularly and promoting the same amongst those who don't.

The attempt was to attach two body parts with a dynamo and a retractable string so as to generate energy through the movement of the body while walking. 
Various positions considered for the placement of a dynamo on the body
Observation: While this method is most efficient for energy production, it was found to be very uncomfortable and restrictive.

The magnet within a solenoid (tube shaped wire winding) must move back and forth in order to generate energy.
Various positions considered for placement of a solenoid on the body
Observation: Effective displacement was achieved only while jogging and maximum displacement with the tube placed along the forearm.
Form Development
DetailingA casing for the solenoid was proposed. This casing would go into a fabric body, through a slit. This fabric would could be wrapped in place along one's arm using a velcro strap.
Final Form