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    Illustrations I made of Marvel's Avengers.
Avengers Assemble!
Illustrations inspired by the popularity of the hit film
So I'm sure enough people have been raving about The Avengers at this point, so I doubt anyone else needs to hear ONE more person ramble on for paragraphs about how awesome it was. But let me just say, you should see it. Right now. Go out right now and see it. I SAID GO!

But before you go, have a look see at these fantabulous illustrations I made paying homage to that great film as well as a number of characters not fortunate enough to get a big screen adaptation... yet.
Hulk, Captain America, Thor:
Iron Man, Nick Fury, Hawkeye:
Wasp & Ant Man, Vision, Black Widow:
Luke Cage, Falcon, Black Panther:
Dr. Strange, Moonknight, Iron Fist:
War Machine, Nova, Hercules:
Wonder Man, Captain Britain, Darkhawk:
Daredevil, Namor, She-Hulk:
Spider-Woman, Spiderman, Venom: