Contromano Beer — Chapter 2
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    Second Beer release for Contromano. I designed both identity and illustration
The newborn brand which was unveiled this year in may, keep surprising the audience with the release of tree more beers: Bock, Session IPA and Saison.

Both brand identity and illustration are designed by me, the first wave of the project was featured on AIGA - Design Blog and here on Behance, thanks to everyone who has supported my job

SOPRA LA PANCA is a Bock. Both design and beer name are inspired to the original source of name Bock which in german stands for a goat. Classic bock beers always show a billy goat on their labels, the meaning of this tradition dates back from an ancient germanic word pun
JAM SESSION is a Session IPA. Hence the undeniable musical name of the product I decided to go for something more original than a classic depiction of a jam session, with ‘regular’ instruments. Instead the labels presents a huge red Nord Lead synthesiser, a Moog and a TR-707 Roland drum machine. Had a lot of good feedbacks over this one
MIRAKEL a Saison beer, my last epic fatigue on the Contromano project. The name and the main characteristic of this beer are its unique ingredient called ‘grano del miracolo’ (miracle wheat), an ancient Egyptian cereal which grows in seven spikes
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