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Ice Tea Packaging / Nongfu Spring

I C E   T E A   P A C K A G I N G
Tea Pi / Nongfu Spring

This was a wonderful commission I received via Horse Agency (UK). I was commissioned to created an illustration for a new Tea Pi flavour: lychee & rose. Tea Pi is a sweet fruit ice tea brand by Nongfu Spring (China) that launched in April 2016. It targets at the youth market by mixing ice tea with natural fruit juice. The first four flavors have beautiful packaging designs that are all illustrated by different artists, and the fifth one - that was only introduced a year later - was up to me! Tea Pi lets artists use their packaging as a canvas and invites the artists to be as imaginative as possible.  

I actually used one of my favorite painters as an inspiration for this packaging illustration: Jeroen Bosch. When I read in the brief the packaging should be imaginative and fantastical, I immediately thought of Jeroen Bosch's work and got inspired right away. Can you spot the similarities?

Hope you guys like this packaging illustration! Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you! :-)
This is the original first ink sketch.
The final result.
The entire packaging design including guidelines.
A mock-up of the front of the bottle design.
This brand is represented by a famous Korean boy band called 'BigBang', and these are the matching marketing campaign stands with my illustrations on them!
Some zoomed-in crops for details!
Another sketch I made that didn't make the cut.
Thank you guys for checking out this project! Hope you like it. Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Thank you! :)
Ice Tea Packaging / Nongfu Spring

Ice Tea Packaging / Nongfu Spring

A packaging design for Nongfu Spring - Tea Pi ice tea