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2018 / Favorite Projects
Favorite Projects
Another year, which means it's time for another list of favorite projects I worked on! Please read and see all about my 10 favorite projects that I worked on 2018 in this post. I'll add a little caption to each project where I'll tell something about the project, who I worked for and I'll share some fun details with you guys. Hope you love it, enjoy!

- Marijke
1. Yoto Play
Illustrations for Yoto's Audio Cards

If you have young kids and have never heard of Yoto Play before, you should definitely look it up! Yoto is a clever speaker for kids that works with easy-to-use physical cards. Kids can listen to stories or play music without the use of Internet or screens, but they still get to control everything themselves. I was asked by Yoto to illustrate some of their audio cards. So far I illustrated 'The Boy Who Flew Too High', 'Snow White' and 'Space Adventure'. There are even more illustrated cards coming up soon as well, so make sure to keep an eye on my Behance profile for updates. Hope you enjoy these illustrated cards.
2. Mudpuppy 'Under the Sea'
Illustrations for a mini memory matching game

A very nice project that I worked on for Mudpuppy, an amazing publisher of toys, puzzles and games. This Mini Memory Matching Game features 12 sets of happy and colorful sea creatures to match. I also illustrated another game with the same theme that you can check out here. Hope you like these happy sea creatures!
​​​​​​​3. 'Me Myself and I' book
Published by Uitgeverij Snor

Another super fun book illustration project for Uitgeverij Snor, this time for 'Me, Myself and I': a Dutch book filled with tests and theories to get to know yourself better. I made over 50 illustrations for this book. You can get it a copy in my shop (NL only).
​​​​​​​4. Washi tape
Personal project

This was a personal project that I am really excited about. I am always looking for new products to add to my Etsy shop and as a fan of washi tapes myself I thought - why not design a couple myself? I had so much fun making these tiny cute illustrations! After designing the tapes I decided to create packaging for them as well so I designed cute little boxes for all the tapes. Hope you like them!

5. Soap designs

I collaborated with HelemaalShea who makes amazing soaps by hand, and I got to make the packaging! The first soap bars that are launched in 2018 are Monoï de Tahiti, Argan & Rhassoul, Baby & Kids and Sea Salt, plus 3 different conditioners. All the soaps, wrappings and designs are made and printed in Holland, and the soaps that I'll be doing the packaging for are 100% vegan, eco-friendly and natural (no chemicals and plastic here my friends!) In 2019 I added many new designs to this collection which you can all find in my Etsy shop.​​​​​​
6. Izzy Wheels
Wheel chair design

Check out this wheel chair I designed for the new spring/summer collection of 2018 by Izzy Wheels, a wonderful collaboration between two sisters who work together with artists from all over the world to create the most fun and beautiful wheels! Their slogan is "if you can't stand up, stand out!" which I love so much, and it's so true! 💜 

Hope you guys love my wheel illustration, it's available at!
7. Birth Announcement Card 'Nina'
Postcard illustration​​​​​​​

A birth announcement I illustrated for little Nina, including a cute portrait of the mom, dad, cat and dog.
8. Book cover 'Heroines'
A book cover for Ploegsma Publishers

This is a book cover I illustrated and hand lettered for Dutch publisher Ploegsma. The book is filled with stories about women around the world who made a difference. This time it wasn't only a cover illustration, but I was also asked to work on the hand-lettering for the title of the book: 'Heldinnen', or 'Heroines' in English. I used a brush and black ink to create the lettering. 

Fun fact about the colors of the cover illustration: The first version I send to the publisher was the pink one on the left. Half of the team was very happy with it, and the other half thought that the pink made it too girly. I personally am a big fan of pink and think that pink is pretty cool for both boys and girls, but I also understood that it could also come across a bit too much of a cliché. So I made a second version, which the other half of the team was super happy with, but the first half still preferred the pink one! So we decided to come up with something pretty awesome: we turned the blue version into a fun dust jacket and the hardcover would have the pink illustration on it! That way the reader can choose his or her own favorite :) Fun right?! I have to say, I like the blue one a lot as well (which I wouldn't have thought at first) ... Which one is your favorite?

9. Project 'Kunstdetective'
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (Leiden)

A project for Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (Leiden, NL), for their 'Kunstdetective' campaign this summer! This is a scavenger hunt through the museum for kids (age 8-12).
10. Surf Pocket book
​​​​​​​Uitgeverij Snor 

An amazing illustration project that I worked on with the lovely people of Uitgeverij Snor (Snor Publishers, a Dutch publishing company). This pocket book is filled with 'surf' stories, quotes and of course many surf illustrations! It even has blank pages for you to draw and write on, isn't that fun? I made about 25 illustrations for this book and I am so happy with how it turned out! Available in Dutch book stores!
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my favorite projects
of 2018!

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2018 / Favorite Projects

2018 / Favorite Projects

My favorite illustration projects of 2018


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