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    The brief for the year dealt with the idea of archiving the intangible, looking beyond the visible into the unseen and absurd qualities of things… Read More
    The brief for the year dealt with the idea of archiving the intangible, looking beyond the visible into the unseen and absurd qualities of things. The initial exploration illustrates the ambiguous and ill-defined nature of habitation during the use of a British icon, the red telephone box. The diversity of unconscious physical behavior is dependent upon the unique attributes of the specific conversation. The protagonists conversation is central to the idea that the telephone box evokes a permanence of comfort that eases the affiliation of face-to-face conversation, thus provoking an almost 'confessional' atmosphere to the space. Detached communication alleviates the physicality and visible reaction, or consequence of an inequitable conversation. The inequitable conversation or subject was used as a catalyst for interpretation, based upon contextual and initial exploratory process work archived through three-dimensional digital modeling, architectonic generation, drawings and development of a proposal through physical modular development. The building becomes the final stage of the scheme, the culmination of the analysis, imbuing the expression of the archived material. The studio encouraged playful exploration of building form and project narrative. Applying the premise that the telephone box provides a private void within a busy public realm, enabling the occupant to converse or confess with ease, the building becomes a metaphorical interpretation that evokes the same premise, a secluded spatial environment. A void within its contextual environment, a space that inherits various facilities which aid the rehabilitation of patients from the vice psychological problems associated with narcotic dependency. In essence, the building becomes the telephone box. The Site is located in Rethymnon, Crete. A town on the north coast that has a sub culture of narcotic dependency, alcohol is imbued as a cultural part of life. The building will facilitate both severe and preventative therapies, from instant admission as an inpatient for severe cases, to informal/preventative sessions as an outpatient- group counseling/drop in sessions. There are also self-help information booths that are freely accessible to pedestrians, providing access to detailed information regarding narcotics, video diaries of in-patients (a preventative therapy of self acceptance) to being able to book themselves a treatment. The controlled, undisturbed vistas of the ocean habitants enjoy from the facilityaid a calming, undisturbed secluded environment. This is juxtaposed by thefacilities proximity to the Passarella, the main strip of bars and clubs inRethymnon Read Less