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    Design and presentation prepared 3 days preceding interview with Tracy Emin and CEO of British Airways at the Royal Academy in London. My submis… Read More
    Design and presentation prepared 3 days preceding interview with Tracy Emin and CEO of British Airways at the Royal Academy in London. My submission was inspired by a collection of conceptual artworks completed during my 2006-2007 undergraduate architectural design thesis. The research was inspired by a number of photographic incidental accidents and a fascination in how dynamic ephemeral moments can be captured within a single still image. This interest in the phenomena of how light is captured in still photography and lens based media developed into a rigorous experimental & analytical investigation exploring the complexities, parameters and motion of light. http://www.behance.net/gallery/FRACTURED-SPACE/409386 My research lead to the construction of a contemporary lighting installation which took the concept of the lighting devise to a larger scale. The installation comprised of a network of approximately 100 individual Light Emitting Diode's that were attached to the existing structure of a disused garage on the outskirts of suburban Lincoln. The individual light sources directly generate each of the images and the space was adapted as a laboratory to begin manufacture, control and manipulation of the phenomena. http://www.behance.net/gallery/INSTALLATION/409367 Founded around the BRIEF requirements of; Iconicness, Britishness and Originality. My proposal intended to continue my research using the theme of London 2012 Olympic Games. Commissioning a fresh collection of vibrant, spatial, colour coordinated photographic works that encapsulate ideas of sport, movement, dynamism and aspiration of Britain, the Games, and British Airways. My idea to work in collaboration with Tracey Emin and British Airways on a brand new light installation, happening or event at larger scale in a more controlled environment, that would manifest a whole new series of bespoke light paintings, specifically to be applied to the aircraft. This unorthodox photographic methodology has the potential to evoke the brief on multiple levels. The artwork needs to be relatable and immediately illustrate the themes of the 2012 Olympics on a basic visceral level. The scheme is a catalyst to inspire the nation and welcome the world to London 2012. The design would take into consideration the iconic colour’s of the Continents and Competing Nations in the Olympic games, the dominant light trail would represent the Olympic torch that signifies the opening of the games and would finally exploit the spatial and atmospheric qualities of the images to document the intuitive movement, simulating; dyamism, energy, passion, aspiration, vitality, power, spirit, vibrancy, celebration. Read Less